Strata Services – Brisbane Building Inspections & Brisbane Dilapidation Reports

Protecting your property investments is key. At QBM, we provide strata services to help ensure the safety and compliance of all your buildings, and those around them, through comprehensive inspecting and reporting. Two of our cornerstone services in Brisbane are the building inspections and dilapidation reports. If you are planning to undergo building renovations or looking for a routine inspection, these things can be essential to have.

What is a Building Inspection?
Getting a trusted building inspection is essential before purchasing a property. This type of inspection will also ensure nothing is breaking down in a building you currently own as time passes. QBM’s Brisbane building inspections identify maintenance items and structural faults. Basically, the latter are smaller issues that need fixing and if they’re not tended to, they can turn into major structural problems.

Common strata problems include rusting structural steel, cracks in concrete foundations, rotten balcony timber, and termite damage. When these problems are identified in time, they can be fixed for a more reasonable cost. Letting them fester can cause greater damage, leading to high repair bills, accidents, and even deaths.

Building inspections are part of our comprehensive strata services. Our team knows what to look for and is fully licensed and insured, ensuring you get the right information to keep your buildings compliant and safe.

What is a Dilapidation Report?
Are you planning renovations, construction, or demolition? These are big commitments. You want to make sure everything goes right. Before you start, it’s important to conduct a survey of your own building and any adjoining properties. You want to check their condition. This is because major construction or demolition of a building can affect the structural integrity of the building you’re working on and that of surrounding properties. This can happen whether you share a structural wall or both properties are free-standing.

A Brisbane dilapidation report can help you mitigate any risk of damage to property owned by the council or neighbouring properties. This report gives you an accurate record of the condition of all existing buildings both before and after the construction, renovation, or demolition of properties surrounding your existing building.

Your QBM Brisbane dilapidation report includes:

  • Detailed photographic evidence of the condition of buildings
  • Identification of prominent defects
  • A pre-construction condition survey
  • A post-construction condition survey

Why Do You Need a Dilapidation Report or Survey?
A dilapidation survey can protect you against legal problems and liability issues down the road. By having a report with evidence of the condition of your building and surrounding structures before any construction, renovation, reconstruction, or demolition has begun, you can safeguard your assets if future problems arise.

Unbiased Reporting
Our aim is to provide you with unbiased reporting and surveying. We present you with the facts. QBM’s goal is to ensure that the liability for any problems and damage that occurs as a result of the construction is fairly evaluated and presented. We examine properties for all types of damage including but not limited to:

  • Cracks
  • Movement
  • Water seepage
  • Distortion
  • Spalling concrete
  • subsidence

Fair and Accurate Assessment of Liability Damage
Unexpected damage can occur in surprising ways. It can be difficult to attribute liability without the right documentation. Our thorough pre and post-construction condition surveys provide you with an honest and trustworthy report of the evidence. Our goal is to protect your assets and the safety of everyone who lives and works in your buildings.

Building inspections and Brisbane dilapidation reports can help assess the damage on your property so that you can fix it before it becomes a dangerous problem.

Contact QBM for all your strata reporting requirements and get the information you need from a reliable source.