Privacy Policy

QBM is committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. Our Privacy Policy describes how we keep this commitment and how we comply with the National Privacy Principles.
Features of our Privacy Policy includes:

  • What sorts of personal information we ask for
  • Why we ask for personal information
  • How we collect personal information
  • Who we provide your personal information to
  • How we may use your personal information to market products to you
  • How you can access your personal information
  • How we maintain the accuracy of your personal information
  • How we maintain the security of your personal information
  • How you can contact us

What sort of personal information do we ask for?

  • We will only ask for personal information relevant to our business relationship with you. So, when you apply for one of our products or services we may ask for information that identifies you, like:
    • your name, address, and other contact details
  •  When we conduct market research, we may also ask you for your opinion about products, services or staff. We treat these opinions as personal information.
  •  The Privacy Act places restrictions on collecting sensitive personal information about you (this includes information about your religious views, ethnicity, political opinions, criminal records, personal health information or sexual preferences). Generally, we won’t collect this sort of information. However, we may collect some sensitive information if:
  •  we need it to provide you with a specific product or service (for example certain insurance products) or
  •  you are applying for a job with us
  • and you have provided your consent for us to do so.

Why do we ask for personal information?

  • We will tell you the main reason for asking for your personal information when we seek it from you.
  • The main reason will usually be to provide you with a product or service you want. We may use the information to:
  • check whether you are eligible for the product or service
  • provide you with the product or service
  • help manage the product or service, for instance:
    • when you make a query about it
    • when we want to contact you about changes to it
  • We may use personal information for other reasons, including:
  • telling you about products or services that we think may interest you (unless you tell us not to – which you can do at any time)
  • preventing fraud and other criminal activity in relation to your accounts
  • helping us to run our business. This will include using information for:
    •  training our staff
    •  accounting, risk management, record keeping, archiving, systems development and testing
    •  developing new products and services
    •  undertaking planning, research and statistical analysis.

How do we collect personal information?

  • If it’s reasonable and practical to do so, we collect personal information directly from you. We may do this through application forms, over the telephone, the internet, or in person when you visit our branches .
  • So that we can better tailor information and products to your needs, when we send you email messages, we may use technology to identify you so that we can know when you have opened the email or clicked on a particular link in the email.
  • If you log into MyQBM, we will collect information from you to confirm your identity.
  • When you ring us, we may also monitor and/or record telephone calls for the purposes of staff training and to verify statements made during the phone call.

Do we provide your personal information to others?

  • QBM will never give, lend or sell your information to another party.

How we may use your personal information to market products to you?

  • We may use your personal information to offer you products and services we believe may interest you, but we will not do so if you tell us not to.
  • We won’t sell your personal information to organizations outside QBM.
  • QBM will only offer you products or services, where we reasonably believe that they could be of interest or benefit to you.
  • If you don’t want to receive marketing offers from QBM, please tell us. You can tell us if we contact you by phone or at any time by calling (07) 3823 3725, by writing to us at PO Box 7558, Redland Bay Qld  4165, Australia.  We will act promptly on your request. We will also ensure each electronic message we send (e.g. by e-mail,) includes a method that enables you to tell us you do not want to receive future electronic marketing material

How you can access your personal information
You can also ask for any corrections to be made.
You can request access to your personal information by visiting any of our branches or contacting us by telephone on (07) 3823 3725.

How we maintain the accuracy of your personal information
Do we keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date?


We take our Privacy Policy seriously and as such, we maintain the quality of your personal information by taking reasonable steps to make sure that the information collected, used and disclosed is accurate, complete and up to date.

We encourage you to help us by telling us immediately if you change your contact details (such as your phone number or address).
You can contact us to change your details by telephoning us on (07) 3823 3725,  or alternatively, visiting any of our branches.

How we maintain the security of your personal information
We will use up-to-date techniques and processes, to protect your personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

The only people who are allowed to handle or have access to your personal information are those employees of QBM and those who perform services for us who need your personal information to do their jobs. All employees of QBM are bound both by the QBM Code of Conduct and by confidentiality clauses in their employment agreements to not misuse your personal information. Those who perform services on our behalf are also bound by privacy and confidentiality agreements.

We also require you to help us by complying with the security measures designed to protect your personal identification numbers and passwords. These are set out in the terms and conditions of your account. You may be able to limit your liability for unauthorised use of your account if you observe these requirements.

If we no longer require your personal information, we will take reasonable steps to destroy it in a secure manner or remove identifying features from it. This is subject to any legal obligations we have to keep information for a certain period of time.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please speak to a friendly QBM staff member today!