Why Choose QBM for Your Building Management Services

Quality Building Management plays a crucial role in the Australian building management services and strata industries. QBM was founded by Donald Pitt, a seasoned professional with over five decades of active involvement in the industry. Established in 1997, QBM has grown to become a trusted provider of comprehensive building inspections, reporting, and training services for property owners, managers, and real estate agents across Australia.

Read on to learn how QBM can help you.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Specializing in ensuring the safety and legal compliance of commercial, industrial, and residential complexes, QBM offers a complete range of risk management and building inspection services. With a highly experienced team strategically located throughout Australia, they are a well-equipped business to assist sites to meet their legal and statutory requirements both efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Tools and Expertise

Through decades of experience, QBM has developed advanced building inspection tools and software that guarantee accurate and efficient service delivery. This ultimately saves clients valuable time and money. All operations are backed by appropriate licenses and insurance to provide clients with peace of mind and protection.

Innovative Approach and Philosophy

At QBM, buildings are not just inanimate structures but are viewed as dynamic entities that require meticulous care and maintenance to serve their purpose effectively over time. This philosophy drives QBM’s dedication to providing superior service to property owners and managers, ensuring that buildings remain safe, functional, and compliant with current regulations.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

As a full-service provider, QBM caters to every aspect of building compliance and safety. From asbestos inspections and management plans to fire safety surveys, emergency and evacuation planning, safety risk assessments, maintenance reporting, and dilapidation surveys.

Customer-Centric Approach

We are committed to delivering the best possible services at competitive prices, supported by investments in advanced systems and skilled personnel. This commitment allows QBM to offer cost-saving guarantees while maintaining high standards of service excellence.

Key Services Provided by QBM:

QBM’s service portfolio encompasses a wide array of essential offerings tailored to ensure the safety, compliance, and longevity of buildings and complexes:

Asbestos Services

QBM conducts thorough inspections and rigorous testing to ascertain the presence of asbestos and ensure compliance with stringent regulatory standards. Their expert team provides comprehensive asbestos management plans, guiding clients through safe and legally compliant asbestos handling and removal processes.

Emergency Management Plans and Fire Compliance

Developing emergency management plans specific to the needs of each property is crucial. These plans include detailed protocols for fire safety compliance, ensuring that buildings are equipped to respond to emergencies effectively.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

QBM creates clear and intuitive emergency evacuation diagrams that are vital for safety during crises. These diagrams outline primary and alternative evacuation routes, emergency assembly points, and the location of essential emergency equipment. This enhances your preparedness and minimizes risks during evacuations.

Dilapidation Reports

These reports document the current state of buildings and facilities by identifying existing defects or structural issues. By conducting thorough evaluations, QBM helps property owners and managers protect their investments and reduce potential liabilities.

Strata Services

QBM supports strata communities and property managers with a range of essential services. A few of the services include insurance valuation, sinking fund analysis, safety inspections, and builders warranty reports. These services are crucial for ensuring that strata properties comply with regulatory requirements. Additionally, they are important for maintaining adequate funding for future maintenance and repairs.

Choosing QBM for your building management services means partnering with a company that prioritizes safety, compliance, and efficiency in every corner. With a commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and building management services, QBM remains dedicated to safeguarding properties and enhancing their longevity and functionality.

Contact QBM today to experience firsthand how their expertise and dedication can benefit your property management needs.