Training Courses

Looking for a training course? QBM have the experience, knowledge and training to service all of your training needs.

With the changes to legislation and the increasing responsibility to business owners and Body Corporate Managers, QBM can lift even more of that burden from your shoulders.  As a business owner or manager, you have a responsibility to ensure your staff understand the safety risks present within the workplace. You are also required to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle a potentially dangerous situation.  A high standard training course can prepare your staff by enabling them to prevent or safely respond to dangerous situations.

QBM is able to offer you a solution to your training needs from our industry specialist knowledge and vast experience in workplace emergency response and workplace safety courses.

  • Provide your staff with current training through QBM’s cost-effective standard and customised training solutions.
  • We can offer off the shelf training course solutions.
  • We can also work with you to develop a training course specifically addressing the needs of your staff.
  • Our programs can be tailored for groups or for workplaces.

Whether it’s Fire and Evacuation, or Asbestos QBM have a training course to suit you.

ON-LINE Courses

QBM has developed two on-line courses to provide essential knowledge for fire and emergencies.
The First Response Fire Safety This Training Course focuses on providing learning and product solutions to meet compliancy requirements under Australian Standard 3745. And ensure understanding and confidence in the event of fire.

  •     What is fire
  •     Making a decision
  •     Classes of fire
  •     Fire Extinguishers
  •     Hoses and Reels
  •     Fire Blankets
  •     How to use equipment

The Fire & Evacuation Course focuses on ensuring the understanding and procedures for calm, organised emergency evacuations.

  •     Plans, guides and diagrams
  •     Evacuation Personnel
  •     Understanding and Evacuation Diagram
  •     R.A.C.E.
  •     Raising the alarm
  •     Evacuation Procedures
  •     Other emergencies

Why choose QBM?

  • QBM provides quality training and assessment services based on state and national standards
  • QBM provide training courses on-line, including refresher courses.
  • As a leading industry player, our skilled and trainers remain at the forefront of technology, standards and legislation


  • Properly designed and implemented emergency procedures save lives.
  • Training need not be expensive or disruptive.
  • After initial implementation some annual refresher training, together with an evacuation exercise, is all that is required.