The Safety Management System

The new Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations came into effect in on 1st January 2012.

Commercial strata schemes and residential strata schemes that have other than purely long term residential units, or those who employ persons are deemed a PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) and must comply with all aspects of the Act including “to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all occupants, contractors and visitors”.

Residential strata schemes that are not deemed as being a PCBU are exempt from compliance under the Act.

Although residential schemes not classified as a PCBU are exempt under the Act, legal opinion is such that it is highly recommended that all schemes comply to ensure they satisfy other legislative requirements and their “Duty of Care” requirements.

For PCBU schemes to meet compliance with the WHS Act and its Regulations, they need to develop a Work Health and Safety Plan or System. This will include a number of written policies and procedures to clearly demonstrate the activities undertaken by the Body Corporate / Owners Corporation meet compliance with the WHS Act.


A full and detailed system which includes the following to manage Health and Safety on site including:

  • Management Plans
  • Policies and Procedures to manage health and safety on site
  • Instructions giving specific details on how to undertake actions to ensure health safety on site
  • Forms and documents including:
    • Completer Contractor Management including:
      • Selection
      • Sign in/out
      • Monitoring and supervision
    • Safety notification forms including procedures for on site to persons to notify safety issues
    • Coverage of hazards such as “chemical storage”
  • Full off site management and assessment of safety issues raised from site 
  • Re audit requirements 


The QBM will assist you to effectively manage all aspects of safety on site and within the complex.

This will be managed by working closely with you and the site representatives as well as providing a full time off site resource for all safety issues to be assessed with recommendations provided to enable you to better manager and effect repairs as required.

We will do this by providing the following professional services:

  • Site audit to identify current compliance with Legislation and Standards in conjunction with the site representative
  • Identification and completion of Registers for:
    • Confined Spaces
    • Electrical Equipment
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Plant and Equipment
  • Development of a full and detailed Safety Management System for the site, including: Policies, Procedures, Forms
  • Provision of a system to allow persons on site to identify and register a safety concern (web based)
  • Off site assessment of all safety concerns with recommendations to the Strata Manager for recitation actions
  • Yearly reviews and auditing