Emergency Management Plans – Why QBM


  1. We handle it all for you
  2. We are trained Fire Safety Advisors
  3. We are fully insured to do this work
  4. We prepare the Quotes specific to the facility
  5. Provide letter to send to tenants and staff concerning evacuation processes
  6. Undertake a full and detailed audit of the whole complex
  7. Work with the on-site contact person to develop specific procedures and processes required in the Emergency Management Plan
  8. Develop “position specific” Evacuation Diagrams
  9. Supply of evacuation diagrams for individual units if Holiday rental complex (when ordered)
  10. Training of emergency personnel in evacuation procedures
  11. Full use of On-Line training programs by all owners, staff and tenants


Section 43 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations requires all PCBU’s (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) to ensure that an Emergency Plan is prepared for the workplace.

Prepare an Emergency Plan for the workplace
Test the Emergency Procedures
Train and instruct relevant workers in implementing the emergency procedures
Maintain and review the emergency plan
Implement the Emergency Plan in an emergency

Emergency Management Plans are developed to AS 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Fines apply up to $18,000 and $90,000 for a Managing Entity

Queensland Variation:

Queensland also need to apply to their Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008.

For non commercial facilities such as purely residential Strata Schemes, These are called Fire and Evacuation Plans.


Emergency Management Plans are developed to provide for the safety of occupants and visitors to the facility during an emergency.

The Plan development includes:

The formation, purpose, responsibility and training of emergency planning committee
Emergency identification
The developement of an Emergency Plan
The development of emergency response procedures
The establishment, authority and training of an emergency control organisation
The testing and validation of emergency response procedures
Emergency related training

Who are required to develop
Emergency Management Plans?

The PCBU of all Workplaces and all facilities where work can be undertaken must develop and implement Emergency Management Plans.


A workplace is anywhere that work can be undertaken.

A place where work is being undertaken is a workplace.

Apartment buildings
All Holiday Rental properties (even detached houses)


QBM have been developing Emergency Management Plans since 2006 and have completed thousands of plans for satisfied customers around Australia.

QBM will work with you to ensure your procedures and manner of work are considered and implemented into the completed Emergency Management Plan.

QBM offers a “hassle free” service where we take all the responsibility off you. We will also act as your Fire Safety Advisor.

We will:

Provide annual fire safety training
Develop and Implement an Emergency Management Plan
Draw and print of evacuation diagrams orientated to specific exit points and locations
Conduct annual fire safety audit of fire safety installations
Conduct annual review of the Emergency Management Plan & Diagrams


The cost depends upon the facility and number of evacuation diagrams required.

However QBM will guarantee that our service and prices are the best in the business.