Fire Audits

Fire Audits are undertaken to determine if, at a given point in time, the fire safety systems meet, exceed or fall short of nominated benchmarks. The audit may also provide information for determination of options for remedial works or additional activities.

Audits may be commissioned on either a voluntary or required basis. For example, a voluntary audit may be required by a prospective buyer or tenant to ensure the workplace is compliant, or by a vendor in respect to due diligence. Council may have requested the owner to provide an annual, final or supplementary Fire Safety Statement The requirement may come from the Fire Brigade or Work Cover or it may simply be internal company OH&S policy.

Minor audits are often required to ensure internal fit outs do not compromise the installed fire detection or suppression systems. Building Managers often ask tenants for an independent opinion during office fit outs.

What will a Fire Audit cover?

Are you wondering what fire audit cover specifically? 

Fire audits cover:

Inspection of the site

  • Identify and list all fire equipment on site
  • Report on any additional fire equipment required by legislation or as a safety requirement (QBM can help with fire compliance, so call us today!)
  • Report upon any issues with the fire services within the building including access and fire hazards
  • Report upon any issues requiring rectification to enable yearly fire Statement to be submitted
  • Supply costs for any additional installations required
  • Report upon maintenance and service requirements on all fire equipment

If you want to find out more about fire audits, fire evacuation plans, emergency management plans, fire compliance or emergency evacuation diagrams then contact QBM today and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you. QBM are your compliance reporting specialists and we’re here to help make sure your building is safe and fire compliant.