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A Dilapidation Report or Dilapidation Survey is a pre construction condition survey. Performed by Building professionals, a dilapidation survey is an inspection of the existing condition of the surrounding buildings and structures before the commencement of a demolition, construction or development of a new complex, road or other infrastructure.

QBM has completed Dilapidation reports on many thousands of buildings, structures and Strata Complexes over the past 10 years alone. These include the survey of properties and infrastructure surrounding some of the largest road construction projects in Australia.

Our Dilapidation reports have saved many strata schemes many thousands of dollars in repair costs caused by surrounding construction projects.

QBM goes the extra mile to ensure an accurate and unbiased report on the current condition of structures prior to construction, and also upon the completion of these projects. We ensure that liability for any damage during construction is fairly and accurately assessed to ensure the best outcome for both developer and property owner.

All prominent defects in the form of cracks, settlement, movement, water seepage, spalling concrete, distortion, subsidence and other building defects will be recorded in photographs together with notes.

A Post-Construction Condition Survey will highlight any building defects that have occurred (or caused by the construction works) since the first survey, or after a construction.

What is the purpose of a Dilapidation Survey?

The purpose of the building surveys is to provide an accurate record, pre construction and post construction works, of the condition of the existing buildings prior to major renovations or construction of buildings or infrastructure surrounding the existing buildings.

cracks to roadwaysDilapidation Report is prepared:

  • Before you carry out any excavation, piling works, demolition, renovation or construction of a new development. A formal dilapidation survey can save you from unnecessary claims;
  • Before renovation, alteration & addition (A & A), demolition, construction or reconstruction work carried out at your neighbouring areas
  • Before major aboveground or underground construction works carried out in the surrounding areas of your property.

A post construction condition survey, a building inspection and a comparison will be made against the dilapidation survey/ pre-construction condition survey

  1. 12 Month Maintenance Report
  2. Balcony and/or Balustrade Report
  3. Builder’s Warranty Report
  4. Building Condition Assessment
  5. Building Condition Report
  6. Building Inspection
  7. Caretaker Agreement Performance Assessment
  8. Condition Report
  9. Conditon Assessment
  10. Dilapidation Report
  11. Division 10 (Section 58) Report
  12. Emergency Evacuation Diagrams
  13. Fire Compliance
  14. Fire Plan
  15. Insurance Valuation
  16. Safety Inspection
  17. Safety Report
  18. Section 62 Report
  19. Sinking Fund


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