Asbestos Expert

There are many specific concerns that may arise surrounding the issue of asbestos containing materials (ACMs). However, only a competent professional that has the necessary expertise and knowledge should handle these concerns. The type of asbestos expert that you hire is based on the challenges that you are facing with asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and the measures that should be taken to rectify the situation. When it comes down to asbestos containing materials (ACMs), there are basically three asbestos experts you may require:

Competent Person

order an information packChapter 8 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 specifies that a Competent Person must be engaged to identify asbestos and give advice on asbestos matters.

The WHS Regulations define a competent person to be someone who has acquired knowledge and skills to carry out the task through training, a qualification or experience. This may mean that the competent person who can identify asbestos is:

  • trained to handle and take asbestos samples, have the knowledge and experience to identify suspected asbestos and be able to determine risk and controls measures
  • familiar with building and construction practices to determine where asbestos is likely to be present
  • Able to determine that material may be friable or non-friable asbestos and evaluate its condition.
  • Quality Building Management have been undertking asbestos audits and preparing Asbestos Managment Plans for over 12 years. We only engage trained professionals. Our training system is the most comprehensive in the industry.

When dealing with Quality Building Management, you are dealing with asbestos experts.

Asbestos Removalist

Just like the assessors, there are two types of asbestos removalist:s Class A and Class B. The type of services an assessor provides in accordance with the Asbestos Removal Code will depend on the class certificate held. A class A asbestos removalist can perform any of the following tasks:

  • Remove friable and bonded asbestos-containing materials that is 10 m2 or more
  • Prepare a site-specific control plan according to the specifications of the Asbestos Removal Code
  • Train those involved with asbestos moving tasks to ensure they are adequately prepared
  • If the asbestos-containing materials pose a potential risk, develop a health surveillance program.

A Class B asbestos removalist cannot handle friable asbestos, only bonded asbestos.

NATA Accredited Laboratories

Both airborne fibre analysis and asbestos identification analysis can be conducted by NATA accredited laboratories as requested by the asbestos assessor or removalist. The use of NATA accredited laboratories for asbestos identification purposes is mandatory in some states. The results are reported on NATA test certificates.

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