Strata Gone Barking Mad

Unit owners are divided on the issue of dogs in apartments, this has been a problem for as long as I can remember and now in one complex the issue is whether there should be a size restriction.

Recently a Strata Manager was asked by a committee to prepare a by-law to restrict the size of a dog on the property, moreover the issue that the committee felt the dog would be too large to live in the unit.

For many people, pets are members of the household and treated as an important part of the family. In fact Australia has the highest incidence of pet ownership per household of any other country in the world. For this reason there are many challenges when keeping a pet in a unit or apartment such as the noise issue, barking or howling and unsocialable behaviour.

A recent comment from Pets Australia head Joanne Sellince.

“There is good evidence that pets increase social capital in a community, that means better health and security for elder strata residents living with pets.”