Dogs in Strata

We have received the following question from a Strata Manager at the Gold Coast following a meeting with a committee.

A tenant has applied to have a large dog in their unit.

There is a small yard in the lot.

However other members have disagreed and said no as they will only allow small dogs. Is there some legislation on this?

Response from Simone Balsara
Senior Lawyer at ByLaws on-line

This is a bylaw issue. What is the “keeping of animals” bylaw for the scheme? If the model bylaw, the owner must have the executive committee’s written consent, however the executive must not unreasonably refuse consent. If the owner wants to challenge the decision as unreasonable they can go to tribunal and the adjudicator will decide whether the executive’s decision is justified, or if conditions on approval can be made to satisfy both parties.


See my fact sheet on Pets in Strata attached.